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Herder Editorial aims to contribute to the intellectual debate by publishing reference works by authors who, from different perspectives, bring light to the study of humanities and religion.

Proud of their Christian tradition and their long history in publishing, pioneers in theological and philosophical studies, they publish reference works of present and past times, while offering their readers books on contemporary theories of the human sciences. Tradition and innovation go hand in hand to achieve excellence in their activity.

Being independent, they can keep an editorial line that prioritizes intellectual rigor and takes shape in a constant inter-religious and interdisciplinary dialogue: theology, philosophy and religion converge in their publications with works on psychology, sociology and education.

Consequently, since their inception they have published books for teaching and learning languages. With a clear German heritage, their challenge over the years has been and continues to be the integration of languages ​​as diverse as Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Hindi or Japanese into the catalogue.

A careful editorial line entails a strong commitment to the quality of the edition and they choose books that last both in contents and in quality. Likewise, in their catalogue it is possible to find classics that are still valid today along with new creations that see the light for the first time and may possible remain in the book of human history.

Assortimento di libri


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