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Advanced Intro to PLANNING THEORY

Advanced Intro to PLANNING THEORY

Economy & Politics


Robert A. Beauregard


Edward Elgar



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Robert A. Beauregard, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University, US





In this original approach to the world of planning theory, Robert A. Beauregard cuts across the many different ways to think about planning by organizing them around four core tasks: knowing, engaging, prescribing, and executing. In doing so, Beauregard explores how a basic concern with the relationship between knowledge and action has evolved into a complex discussion of democracy, inclusion, and justice.

Key features include:
• a cross-national approach to the topic
• a unique overview of key concepts centred on the profession of urban and regional planning
• coverage of historical planning theory as well as recent developments in the field
• an accessible writing style suitable for both those studying urban and regional planning, as well as practicing planners.


‘The ultimate introduction to planning theory by one of its most prominent voices: selective and demystifying. By outlining a clear map of relevant theories of knowing, engaging, prescribing and executing, Beauregard paves the way for very different readers to advance their understanding of what planning theory is, does and can do.’ – Davide Ponzini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy ‘In this book, Robert A. Beauregard provides a critical review of the developments in planning theory from the original point of view of how they address the situated realms of planning practice; how knowledge is gained and validated in planning, how humans (and non-humans as well) are engaged in it, how its normative aims are prescribed in a justifiable manner, and how plans are executed. His eloquent coverage of...