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Age > 7

  • "Outstanding" by the Association of Children's and Youth Literature of Argentina, section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY)

  • "The best books for children and young people" from Banco del Libro (Venezuela)

  • "Highly Recommended", by Fundalectura (Colombia).




Mariela Kogan and Ileana Lotersztain. Illustrations by Pablo Picyk





Rights available:

All languages except for Asian, Turkish, Czeck, Slovak, German


Mariela was born in Buenos Aires in 1974 and has lived in Mar del Plata since 2000. She is a doctor in biology, reading mediator and oral narrator. She currently works as a coordinator of reading and storytelling workshops for children, teachers and librarians. She has published several popular books and also some stories for children. She lives with her husband, Javier, and their little daughter Lara, thirteen blocks from the sea, in a house with a garden, where Mariela cultivates her garden. ...





Where does the cars smoke go? What are squares for? Why try not to use plastic bags? Why can't we get the same fruit all year round? What happens when a species goes extinct? What is being a responsible consumer? What is the greenhouse effect? Why is it important to take care of the water? Who takes care of the planet?

These are some of the questions that curious girls and boys ask themselves,  same as Violeta and Sofía. Their aunt Mariela is a biology doctor and spends time with them asking questions,  discovering, and playing.

Sharing an afternoon with them, we all learn about agro-ecological food, endangered species and the purpose of recycling. Together with Mariela, Sofía and Violeta, we discover what we can do every day, and what schools, NGOs and States should take in charge.

More than an educational book for children, this is a handbook for anybody. Basic explanations that help understand  how, why and when we should take care of our planet, starting from the most ordinary and simple actions of .every day.



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