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The Birth of a New America


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Bruno Maçães





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Bruno Maçães is a non-resident senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, a senior advisor at Flint Global and a senior fellow at Renmin University of China. Formerly Portugal’s Europe minister (2013–15), he has been a regular commentator for CNN, the BBC and Al Jazeera, and has written for the Financial Times, The Guardian and Foreign Affairs. He is the author of The Dawn of Eurasia.





Popular consensus says that the US rose over two centuries to Cold War victory and world domination, and is now in slow decline. But is this right? History’s great civilisations have always lasted much longer, and for all its colossal power, the US was overshadowed by Europe until recently. What if this isn’t the end?

Bruno Maçães offers a compelling vision of America’s future, both fascinating and unnerving. From the early American Republic, Maçães takes us to the turbulent present, when, he argues, America is finally forging its own path. We can see the birth pangs of this new civilisation in today’s debates on guns, religion, foreign policy and the significance of Trump. What will its values be, and what will this new America look like?


‘There’s no better man to guide us on the differences between Europe and America than Bruno Maçães. …. [History Has Begun] is required reading for anyone who wants to understand the country that invented itself — and the modern world.’  — The Sunday Times ‘Brilliant and wildly provocative, [Maçães] not so much turns history on its head, as inside out … a wonderfully contrarian essay on the future of world politics … challenging to the last sentence, it has been the stimulating and fun read of the year so far.’  — The Evening Standard ‘A refreshingly bold and deeply thought-stirring book.’  — John Gray, The New Statesman ‘A fascinating survey of the decline and possible rise of the American empire.’  — The Wall Street Journal ‘As a kind of counterpoint to h...


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