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2010 comedy film directed by Dimitar Mitovski and starring Alan Ford, Lee Nicholas Harris and Ralph Brown. 


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Alek Popov is the prize-winning author of widely translated collections of short stories, and his first novel, Mission London, has been published into fifteen languages and was adapted into a hugely successful film. His works have won numerous literary prizes, including the “Helicon” for the best prose work, Mission London, in 2002. His second novel, The Black Box, stood for weeks at the top of the bestseller lists and received the 2007 prestigious Elias Canetti-Prize. The awards that Alek Popo...


Bulgaria? Backward, corrupt and lazy? As the new ambassador in London, Varadin Dimitrov, is designated to enhance the image of Bulgaria in the West. When he rings the bell at the respectable address of the embassy in Kensington one morning, he finds that there is indeed a lot of work ahead of him: a provincial mayor at hangover breakfast, the cook at loggerheads with his wife, the vacuum cleaner – broken. Mission impossible? Varadin Dimitrov seeks assistance with a PR-Agency that promises him access to London's high society – glitter, glamour and dozens of celebrities. One of them is his cleaning lady; she leads a double life and moreover she's been dead for the longest time. There's something terribly wrong here, isn't it…


"This is a true European comic novel in the best tradition of P.G. Wodehouse, Roald Dahl and Tom Sharp. An excellent narrative, a great awareness for detail, a fresh sense of humour and most importantly - a sense of moderation. The situations are typically Bulgarian, yet the irony brings a taste of Englishness." —24 Hours


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