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7 Attuned Management Notes




Carlo Massarini and Ivano Scolieri





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Carlo Massarini is an expert in music, contemporary arts and digital technologies. He has been at home in all media, be it radio, television, writing, photography or the web since his radio debut in 1971. Ivano Scolieri is the founder of Inventrix, a company specializing in managerial development and creative communication projects. A sociologist specialized in Occupational and Organizational Psychology, he has investigated in details the subject of strategic communication and is a reference po...


Drawing inspiration from the piano, authors of this book conceive a stereophonic journey blending music and management. The rythm of this fascinating journey is marked and sequenced by the Piano notes.

Seven notes as seven qualities: they are as pivotal in business as they are in art. Each note has its peculiar sound, an intensity that allows to connect, with the help of references and quotes, both to the world of work and to the world of music.

Each note/quality helps to work and live better, be it finding one’s own centre and self-control with a C, or getting in sync with one’s essence and fate with a B.

Each note becomes time and space for a managerial story, embodying specific skills in famous rock-stars and narrating real experiences lived in important national and international organizations.

PIANO offers the reader two speeds, two gears, two stereophonic/metaphorical approaches to the world of work and work-skills and, through the development of the harmonic scale, every single note is connected to a managerial dimension.   Managerial dimensions are described through examples taken from corporate life, each gaining strength and appeal from examples chosen from the world of music.

In the outcome it is fun to discover that expertise can be a characterizing element both for a manager and a rock star. 



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