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Ascent to Darkness


Fantasy & Sci-Fi


Lucia Guglielminetti





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Born in Asti in 1969, Lucia Guglielminett is an English teacher. She lives with her husband, her three children and her six cats in a small town near Asti. She loves music and reading books which – like her own – keep you awake at night. Her short story, L’ Ospite Inatteso - which inspired her to write RVH in the first place – won the “Le Ali della Fantasia” award and was nominated for the Fantastique Award 2010, as well.


Present day. Raistan Van Hoeck tells the story of his life. He was born in Holland in 1677. He is a vampire, created by the Irish vampire Shibeen, who accompanied him as a friend and lover for the first three centuries of Raistan’s unlife. In the first book of this saga, Raistan has to deal with a madman who plans to create an invincible army. To pursue his extremist ideals, he captures both Raistan and his eternal nemesis, Greylord, leader of the most powerful werewolf pack in Europe. He plans to crossbreed vampires and werewolves to create hybrids which will be all but undefeatable. Shibeen races against time to save them, while Raistan and Greylord find themselves reluctantly allied to face the horrors that stand before them. As good a page-turner as it gets, this debut showcases Guglieminetti’s ability to switch from high tension to more intimate pages, in which she portrays the human side of RVH.



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