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THE NEW ECHTER BIBLE - TOPICS: Death and Resurrection. Perspectives of the Old and New Testaments




Paul Deselaers, Robert Vorholt





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Italian, Portuguese, Spanish


Paul Deselaers, Dr. theol., born 1947; Ordained priest in 1972, long-time lecturer in homiletics at the Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster. Robert Vorholt, Dr. theol., born 1970, ordained a priest in 1999, professor for the exegesis of the New Testament at the University of Lucerne.


THE NEW ECHTER BIBLE - TOPICS is the first Catholic, ecumenically oriented series on central topics of biblical theology. In a manageable space and in understandable language, recognized experts show what the Old and New Testaments have to say on the essential questions of faith.

THE NEW ECHTER BIBLE - TOPICS shows what the tension and unity between the two parts of Scripture is. In each volume the essential texts of the Bible and their perspectives are presented first from the Old and then from the New Testament. A final dialogue discusses how the central statements of the Old Testament are presented in the light of the new and vice versa.

THE NEW ECHTER BIBLE - TOPICS brings knowledgeable information on the main topics of biblical theology and gives important impetus to rediscover the Holy Scriptures in both of its testaments as a document of faith.



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