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In the Storm of History

Winner of the Helikon Award for the best fiction book of the year Winner of the Flower of Helikon Prize for best selling book of the year Winner of the Chudomir Award for satirical fiction Shortlisted for the Elias Canetti Prize Shortlisted for the Royal United Services Institute Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature Play by Alek Popov and Delyana Maneva production 


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Alek Popov is the prize-winning author of widely translated collections of short stories, and his first novel, Mission London, has been published into fifteen languages and was adapted into a hugely successful film. His works have won numerous literary prizes, including the “Helicon” for the best prose work, Mission London, in 2002. His second novel, The Black Box, stood for weeks at the top of the bestseller lists and received the 2007 prestigious Elias Canetti-Prize. The awards that Alek Popov...




Rights sold: Bulgarian, Spanish


The eponymous twin teenage sisters from middle class backgrounds, Kara and Ira, are on the run from the authorities. They have joined a Partisan group based in the Balkan mountains. The Partisans are a mixed bunch of young and old communists and Peasant party members, all dedicated fighters against the Bulgarian monarchist regime and their German allies. Many have adopted colourful nicknames and Commander Medvev, who is a former refugee, speaks Bulgarian with a heavy Russian accent. From the start, the pretty twins seed confusion in the hearts of the fighters. Only a few hours into their adventure, the rebels are attacked by government forces, led by the fearsome captain Night. The few survivors find safety in the Forbidden Wood. Lost in the mountains on the border between Bulgaria and Serbia, the twin sisters Kara and Ira are left to the mercy of the elements and separated. The Cold War finds the Twins on the opposing sides of the Iron Curtain.  A two episodes story. Although the second novel can be read on its own as a separate piece, the two parts together form a kind of a saga encompassing the period between 1943 and 1953 and an ironic gaze on one of the most dramatic episodes in European history: the Partisan movement and the communist propaganda.


"A masterful mix of cheerful Brechtian distancing and ground-level violence."  - Alfons Cervera, Levante "Where with others fun stops, there with Popov madness begins" -Bayern 2 - Book Favorite  "With a decent dose of black humor, the author amuses himself on disappointed revolutionaries and mocks a wide range of political ideologies in an intelligent and witty way" - Teresa Reiter, The Gap "Mocking Popov doesn't just target saints and heroes of socialism, he attacks every kind of ideology. Also that of consumption." -Uwe Stolzmann, DeutschlandRadio "A great satire on totalitarian ideologies. Wonderful, for example, the constant self-accusations of a partisan fighter, with whom his comrades have nothing left but to roll their eyes in surrender, to submit to their fate and to...