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Alek Popov is the prize-winning author of widely translated collections of short stories, and his first novel, Mission London, has been published into fifteen languages and was adapted into a hugely successful film. His works have won numerous literary prizes, including the “Helicon” for the best prose work, Mission London, in 2002. His second novel, The Black Box, stood for weeks at the top of the bestseller lists and received the 2007 prestigious Elias Canetti-Prize. The awards that Alek Popo...




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ON THE ROAD TO THE NEW WORLD is a new chapter of the Palaveevi Sisters story. The plot unfolds following the audacious lives of both sisters. As their life gets more complicated, the sisters grow and evolve from teenagers into young women. Their characters deepen, as do their sexual experiences. The spell of ideology dwindles to give way to a strife for individual freedom – the mark of the imminent 1960’s. Kara returns to Sofia hoping to reconcile with her parents and just to witness a bomb hitting the house before her eyes and killing her parents. During a raid, Kara is turned in to the police but with the help of a senior party activist she manages to escape. “Uncle” Angel will however proof himself unworthy of trust. Ira has lost her memory and the partisans give her the nickname Snejana (Snow). After a passionate but brief love affair with a Yugoslav partisan commander, Ira is rescued by a downed British airman, Ralph, who leads her to London with him and where they get married. Kara’s fate, too, is linked to London, where she joins a KGB officer to his new assignment. The year is 1953, only a few weeks after Stalin’s death. During mass at the Brompton Oratory, a mysterious young lady (Ira) approaches the altar of St. Valfre and takes out a small container from under the statue. It contains an encrypted message. A few hours later, she enters the “King’s Coffin,” a bar in Soho, where her sister is waiting.. the most unexpected of double agents. Overcoming old grievances, Popov writes with a healthy sense of humor (pitch-black at times!) and profound irony, going way beyond the picking of sides in an effort to grasp the internal paradox of human nature.


"Alek Popov delights us with a new dose of partisan adventures in the crazy sequel to The Palaveev Sisters in the Storm of History" -Jasmin Magezin "Popov once again proves that he is one of the sharpest and strongest feathers of our time. He has no limits of his imagination, he manages to keep the plot on the verge of absurdity, remaining within the realm of reality" -Hristo Blazhev. Knigolandia