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The technological search for human improvement




Antonio Diéguez


Herder Editorial



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Antonio Diéguez is a Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of Malaga. Until September 2015, he chaired the Ibero-American Association of Philosophy of Biology (AIFIBI). He has been visiting professor at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and visiting researcher at the universities of Helsinki, Harvard and Oxford. He has investigated in the areas of Philosophy of Technology and Biology and has developed an interested in the subject of transhumanism. Although cri...


Transhumanism is one of the philosophical and cultural movements that have attracted more attention in recent years. It advocates the free use of technology for the improvement of human beings, both in their physical, mental, emotional and moral capacities, transcending all their current limits. The technologies used are genetic engineering and development of intelligent machines. According to the proponents of transhumanism, with the help of these technologies we could end the suffering, with the biological limitations that produce it, and we could even beat ageing and death. Although many transhumanists do not see it desirable to bring these improvements to a point where the improved individual no longer belongs to the human species, others, designated as posthumanists, consider that this is precisely the ultimate goal: the creation of one or more new species of ours. This book presents the different modalities of technoscientific transhumanism. Their arguments are discussed, seeking to elucidate their strengths and weaknesses.



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