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Advanced Intro to THE CREATIVE CITY

Advanced Intro to THE CREATIVE CITY

Economy & Politics


Charles Landry


Edward Elgar




Charles Landry, Independent Advisor to Cities. He is credited for his attempt to rethink city making through his work on intercultural cities, the psychology of cities, creative bureaucracies and the measurement of creativity in cities.




Rights available:

All except China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan



Written by the leading authority Charles Landry, inventor of the concept of the creative city, this timely book offers an insightful and engaging introduction to the field. Exploring the development of the concept, it discusses the characteristics of cities, the qualities of creativity, the creative and regeneration repertoires and the gentrification dilemma. Other key topics of this definitive work include ambition and creativity, cities and psychology, digitization and the creative bureaucracy.

Contents: 1. Setting the scene 2. Highlights and summary 3 Uncreative and creative places 4. Waves of change 5. Objective and subjective: My story 6. A timeline and trajectory 7. The characteristics of cities 8. The qualities of creativity 9. The creative repertoire 10. The regeneration repertoire 11. The gentrification dilemma 12. Ambition and creativity 13. Psychology and the city 14. Digitization - The Game Changer 15. The Creative Bureaucracy 16. Measuring the pulse of places Index

Key features include:

• clear and compact style

• a unique survey of contemporary developments in the field

• provides a theoretical base for evaluating the concept of creative cities

• considerations of the urban-sociological context of creative cities

• sets an agenda for future research in the field.


‘Yes I love this book and find it very helpful as it describes for the first time the history of creative cities in a comprehensive way.’ --Emeritus Professor, Masayuki Sasaki, Osaka City University, Japan 'Creative city' remains one of the most globally influential policy ideas. Landry's Advanced Introduction presents an intellectual landscape of the most compelling policy ideas, creative proposals, models of practice, and frameworks of reflection, that the creative city imaginary facilitates around the world. This is an essential companion to cultural policy in relation to cities and creative economy, place-making and any form of sustainable community worth living in.' --Jonathan Vickery, University of Warwick, UK 'It is always impressive and inspiring how Charles Landry manages to tap...



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