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Roberto Franzoni Lezzi






Roberto Franzoni Lezzi is a psychiatrist and a passionate sailor. He loves the sea and the trips on the road that have taken him from Europe to the Middle East. OLTRE is his debut novel. He has completed a second one and is engaged in the drafting of a third book.




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Croatia, nowadays -a country still wriggling in the coils of its past- where the ruins of former Yugoslavia dominate both the landscape and the hearts of its people. 

Paolo, son of refugees who fled to Italy after Tito’s rise, returns to his country of origin after a prestigious military career: from the San Marco battalion through NATO special corps to UN observer.

In search of a lost identity, he turns into a farmer.

Anjeta lives in that countryside. She is a borderline girl in her last high school year, with a violent past which took her family and innocence away. With the same spontaneity with which she adopts the mutt puppy that follows her everywhere, and the same disregard with which she has chosen to cancel herself in body and soul, Anjeta binds herself to the fifty year old former soldier. 

Paolo, apparently a toy in her hands, is fascinated by the melancholy that surrounds the girl and the intensity of her feelings; as much as he is bewildered by the indifference with which she prostitutes herself to the former troopers who hang out at the village.

He realizes that Anja has one goal only: revenge, and he puts it on himself to exact justice on her behalf, challenging the code of silence that has been protecting her “Monster” for years. Once again, he takes up his instruments of death, in the hope of mending Anjeta’s soul. 


"A novel full of feelings, true, strong, engaging, in which the importance of going past is made clear right from the title: "Oltre"-Beyond-, overcoming obstacles, taking full hands on everything that life gives, not necessarily having to be subjected, quite the opposite fighting to achieve the goal." "A story of tormented strong feelings. They are never screamed, though,and therefore all the more profound and lasting"  -Milena Privitera, "A fitting title for a novel that goes beyond appearances, beyond the surface of things and circumstances, and delve into lives, choices, actions. "Oltre" conquers those who know how to listen and be lulled by words." -Tatiana Vanini,



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