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Winner of The Virginia Prize for Fiction


Historical, Thriller & Noir


Natalie Bayley


Aurora Metro




Natalie Bayley is author of Bone Rites, Lolita's Daughter, The Secret Life of Grandmothers, The Witch Who Saved Paris and The Lady Lyttle Murder Mystery series. Her dark thriller Bone Rites was selected for the 2019 Blue Pencil long list, went on to be shortlisted for the 2021 Blue Pencil First Novel Award and was long listed for the 2021 Caledonia prize before becoming the Winner of the Virginia Prize for Fiction. Natalie lives in NSW, Australia and enjoys ocean swimming and whispering to cat...





Rights available:

German, Italian, Polish



Bone Rites is a gripping historical fiction novel that will transport you to the shadows of Edwardian London and  to the depths of intrigue and darkness.

There you will meet Dr. Kathryn Darkling, a woman whose journey unfolds between the confines of her Holloway Prison cell in 1925 and the tumultuous events of her past, beginning with a tragic injury to her beloved brother in 1905. Kathryn's tale is one of resilience and determination as she navigates the male-dominated world of medicine, driven by her unwavering love for her sibling.

But as Kathryn delves deeper into the pursuit of her life's work, she finds herself crossing moral boundaries, her sanity teetering on the edge with the introduction of supernatural forces following her service as a doctor in the war. With each turn of the page, you'll be drawn into Kathryn's descent into darkness, her actions both compelling and chilling.

Natalie Bayley's meticulous research seamlessly weaves through the narrative, bringing Edwardian London to life with vivid detail. From the gritty streets to the corridors of power, you'll be immersed in a world where justice, redemption, and hope collide in the most unexpected ways.

Bone Rites is not just a story; it's an exploration of female agency, sibling love, forbidden desires, and the scars of war. Fans of gothic literature will find themselves enthralled by Bayley's masterful storytelling, reminiscent of Stacey Halls, Jess Kidd, and Laura Purcell's haunting tales. So, step into the world of Bone Rites and prepare to be spellbound until the very last page.

Winner of TheVirginia Prize for Fiction, Bone Rites is a dark, literary tale of love, loss and one woman’s obsessive fightfor justice and redemption within a ruthless world.


• "A delightful twist in the murder genre - a serial killer motivated by love." --Nicolas Mercier, writer 'Call My Agent'. • "Completely gripping from the get-go, Natalie deftly builds such a complex story that has you rooting for a character you know you shouldn't." --Hellie Ogden, literary agent and judge the Blue Pencil Novel Prize



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