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CABALLO DE TROYA  (Trojan Horse)

Literary & General, Fantasy & Sci-Fi


J. J. Benítez


Planeta Editorial




J. J. Benítez, journalist and writer, more than 50 books published, 10,000,000 copies sold, has become extremely popular for dealing with the UFO issue. Ufology repeats often in his novels, conferences, newspaper articles and works for television, as well as the rereading of historical facts, especially those concerning Jesus Christ. His literary works, based on "his investigations", have received the applause and enthusiasm of countless devoted readers. J. J. Benítez turned 76 in September 2022...





Rights available:

German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Turkish

Sold: Brazilian Portuguese, French



For six months —between April and October of the year 27 of our era— Jesus was forced to flee so as not to be captured by the Sanhedrin. What happened during all that time he fled without cease? BETHLEHEM reveals unknown passages from the Master's life and the miracles of Jesus never reported before. It also discloses why Jesus could not be an Essene. 

BETHLEHEM is the last volume of TROJAN HORSE, a series of twelve novels that narrate the life of Jesus of Nazareth, according to the account of a time traveler from the 20th century who would have met Jesus while travelling in the past in a time machine.

The books present a version of Jesus' life based on esoteric works such as The Letters of Ummo and The Urantia Book, which differ from the beliefs and doctrines of Christianity. It has been questioned that they try to show up as historical texts, however the author has stated that they are novels inspired by his own research.

The books in the series have been rated as best sellers in Spanish, having sold more than 10,000,000 copies over the last 40 years in more than 100 editions since 1984, when the first volume was published.

Apparently the testimony of a US officer involved in a secret project, whose mission consists in a journey through time to investigate about some pivotal moments in the past of humanity, the time of Jesus of Nazareth inclusive, the 12 books in the saga describe the time traveler adventures with Jesus, who is portrayed as a jovial and happy individual, willing to offer his profound spiritual teachings to whomever wishes to listen to him. 

All is narrated under the format of a personal diary of the US Air Force major, who participated in the alleged Swivel program, part of which was Operation Trojan Horse, whose technology, according to the novel, was beginning to be developed in the 1960s along with space programs. 

This project would have allowed the US Armed Forces to perform time travel. 

The abundant technological and scientific references provided by the author stand out, especially in the first volume of the saga, taken from the descriptions of the protagonist himself.

Beyond the strictly technological and scientific, a vision of Jesus of Nazareth stands out, along with his teachings and message, slightly different from what traditional beliefs hold, adapting them to modern thought.


'Las tres verdades de JJ Benítez, el best-seller de los 'caballos de Troya'      Dario Prieto, El Mundo, 11.10.2019



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