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Sara Salar


Nashre Cheshmeh




Sara Salar is an Iranian writer born in 1966 in Zahedan. She’s a graduate of English literature. Her novel I’M PROBABLY LOST was published in 2007 and gained her a great reputation as a writer in no time. This bestseller won the Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award and was nominated for Press Critics Award for the Best Book of the Year. It created an unprecedented wave in Iranian literature and she was compared to Zoya Pirzad. But then in the midst of that triumph, the book was banned by the governm...




Rights available:

Danish, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish

Rights sold: Italian, German



Tehran: a day in a middle-class woman’s life. She wanders aimlessly in the streets playing with the idea of cheating on her husband while delving into her childhood and its odd happenings. She reviews her rough adolescence and her platonic love for a man. And above all, she thinks of Gandom, an old friend who seemed to be the opposite of her in terms of boldness, liveliness, and freedom of spirit, yet very much like her. 

The woman is now married and with a child. She is going through a great emotional strain and on the verge of a rebellion, she begins to look for Gandom, whom she lost contacts with long time before. 

Her thoughts go to another man, too. Someone who was in love with Gandom and might still have news of her. 

Norms, ethics, and even her child are giving her cold feet. What will she do? 


With its fluent narration I’M PROBABLY LOST is a tale of tension and suspension. It continuously offers new challenges until a surprising end. The novel is a lively experience of the labyrinth of human psyche, an opportunity for every woman to reconcile with her “shadow”. I’M PROBABLY LOST depicts one of the most important issues of the middle-class women in Iran big cities, those women who, questioning the established ethics, are driven by the desire to rebel against the norms. It is a realistic novel with two parallel stories taking place in two different periods of time. Moving between these two periods, the reader learns about the holes and defects of the life of the heroine, wondering if she has the right to turn her back on her commitment and ethics or not.



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