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"Forty is the Old Age of Youth, Fifty the Youth of Old Age" V.Hugo

Aggiornamento: 22 lug 2022

Well… our agency just turned 60 years old. How about that. Who would have thought.

When in 1962 two immigrants in Argentina felt the need to connect continents’ intellectual pursuits, they surely didn’t think their plan would turn into a global operation now run by their grand-children.

So as we look at the cumulative amount of rights transactions that Eulama enabled since then and the intellectual flourishing and friendships that our work has enabled, excuse us, we get sort of… emotional.

And there’s a maëlstrœm of emotions whirling in our heads (and our hearts) as we’ve been going through a retrospective of our timeline and the highlights (as well as the lowlights) that have made us into who we are today.

We feel grateful to all of those who believed in us, those who stuck by us in difficult times.

We feel proud of having been able to represent masters of the literary world and to have propelled titles and ideas into the contemporary consciousness.

We feel emboldened by the possibilities that lie ahead and we call on to you to let us know, how we can become better.

Really. We’d like to use this anniversary to talk this with you our business partners and to prove to Mr.Hugo that 60 is the new 50 and… that our youth of old age will be the time when we flourish.

Not alone. But together.


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