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New Italian client: EGEA/BOCCONI

Aggiornamento: 7 giu 2023

New Italian client: EGEA/BOCCONI
New Italian client: EGEA/BOCCONI

We just took over foreign rights representation for Egea, a publishing company controlled by Bocconi University. Founded in 1988 in order to promote and spread academic culture in Economics and Business, they also publish Textbooks for Higher Education, Long-life Learning, professional and trade books along with non-fiction, ranging from Geopolitics, Economics, History of Ideas, Sociology and Politics to the most adventurous, controversial, paradigmatic Business Cases, and thought-provoking contributions on Digital Culture as well as other Socio-Economic phenomena.

Egea/Bocconi's final goal is to develop attitude to thinking, reflecting and investigating, without breaking the intimate link between history and innovation.

Under the BUP (Bocconi University Press) imprint, Egea offer qualified contents to the debate on social sciences, publishing highly informative texts of national and international relevance, both in Italian and English.

Download their latest Catalogue here


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