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Roberto Franzoni Lezzi

Roberto Franzoni Lezzi

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Roberto Franzoni Lezzi, original from Verona, has lived in Treviso for more than twenty years where he works as a psychiatrist. A brief experience as a naval officer left him a passion for sailing. The balance between the elements of consciousness, without however repressing their nature and intensity, is the leitmotiv of his narration and his imaginative research. In 2018 Roberto Franzoni Lezzi published Oltre, for Robin publishing house; the book was written about 6 years ago and to this date is the first of three.


TG Cultura - Oltre (Ita)

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Anjeta and Paolo. Two anguished souls in search of themselves. A past of war, violence, death and destruction. Physical and moral. Then the meeting ... casual, but redempting for them both. Two voyages at sea: one of hope, on the trail of a new beginning; one of love, disruptive, unconditional, that everything can defeat. Death too.
An enthralling picture of two souls who meet, choose each other and join together on the background of a painful historical period that marked Europe few years ago.

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