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Age > 7


"Children Non Fiction"


Hernán Grecco, Illustrations by Pablo Picyk






Hernán was born in Buenos Aires in 1977 and has a PhD in Physics from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). He is a researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and Professor at the UBA where he leads a group on the border between physics and biology. He is the author of several scientific publications and book chapters. He is a frequent speaker at events and has received awards for his scientific work as a young researcher (although he no longer is).




Rights available:

All languages except for Asian, Turkish, Czeck, Slovak, German



Hernán is a physicist. One day, he takes his children to his laboratory where they will discover in a fun way that physics is an exciting discipline which can be found in everything we do and plays a very important role in our lives.

There they will be able to find answers to all their questions, step by step and hour after hour: how the microwave works when heating up breakfast, why the hammock goes up and down the way it does, how may the firemen's siren sound so different when they arrive and  when they leave… 

For curious humans from 8 to 108 years old (and parents and teachers in trouble). Precisely because of its subject, this book can prove very useful for teachers in school as well.


"I liked the structure of Física Hasta En La Sopa; on an ordinary Saturday the author shows his children that physics is an exciting discipline which can be found in everything we do. Each page narrates a certain time of that Saturday and introduces to a new topic in physics. On the left-hand page you first look at a current situation, then you are presented with a physics question related to the situation. On the right-hand page you will find the answer to that question, clearly described and in words that make it easy to understand. In addition to answering the question, each page also gives  some information related to the topic. The topics in this book are diverse and will no doubt be enjoyed by young readers. Not only will they learn something from this book, but they will also...



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