Luca Ragagnin

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Luca Ragagnin (Turin, 1965) is an Italian author, poet, and lyricist.
His collections of short stories and poems has been published on literary magazines since the early '80s and have been translated in France, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Romania and Montenegro. In 1995, a collection of his poems won the Montale Prize and was read by Vittorio Gassman in the television series “Cammin leggendo” after being published by Scheiwiller.

He is the author of many succesful theatrical works, written on his own or in collaboration with famous playwrights of the likes of Enrico Remmert, Emanuele Conte, Andrea Liberovici, Michele Di Mauro, Murcof and Lella Costa.

Pontescuro (Miraggi Edizioni, 2019), was selected for the Strega Prize and is currently being published in the U.S.

Among his novels: Marmo Rosso (Baldini & Castoldi, 2014), Arcano 21 (Del Vecchio Editore, 2014), Agenzia Pertica (2017), Pontescuro (2019) and The intermittent child, published in 2022, all by Miraggi Edizioni.








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Miraggi Edizioni

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Nominated by Alessandro Perissinotto for the 2022 Strega Award

A composable and intermittent story that jumps among the eras of Berg's life, which are also the eras of our recent history and which are, perhaps, the eras in the life of all of us.