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A great political satire in the vein of Soldier Svejk, Catch 22 and Slaughterhouse-Five

The eagerly anticipated Spanish translation of the novel "The Palaveevi Sisters on the Road to the New World" is now en route to bookstores. This marks the second instalment of the satirical epic featuring the two guerrilla sisters, following the release of "In the Storm of History" in 2020.

The meticulous translation effort, spanning nearly 800 pages brimming with military terminology, historical intricacies, and specific vocabulary, was the labor of love by Viktoria Lefterova and Enrique Maldonado. They successfully managed to capture the essence of Balkan humor in a foreign tongue.

The captivating cover art for this publication is the creation of the talented artist Javier Rodríguez, known for his involvement in iconic comic series and his own original creations in the genre.

The publishers at Hoya de Lata displayed remarkable courage in taking on this ambitious endeavour—presenting the Spanish-speaking audience with a sweeping epic that defies historical narratives and challenges ideological stereotypes.

The narrative is marked by its irony, challenge to norms, vibrant language, and a vintage style reminiscent of the popular culture of the twentieth century.

Spanish readers will savour the company of Alek Popov's characters, immersing themselves in hours of delightful and exhilarating storytelling.

It's noteworthy that this publication owes its existence, in part, to the support of the "Translations" program by the Culture Fund—a significant initiative within Bulgaria's cultural policies.


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