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About co-founding ADALI

ADALI (Associazione degli Agenti Letterari Italiani) is meant to brings agents and agencies, representatives of authors and publishing houses, who adhere to high standards of competence and professionalism and a shared Code of Ethics together under one umbrella term. This is meant to signal quality and coherence to the sometimes murky and non-transparent world of the literary and media business.

ADALI aims to promote and protect the dignity of the profession of the literary agent, to set up an independent body of representation and self-government, as well as to represent Italian professionals with their counterparts and stakeholders both foreign and domestic.

We believe that an area of comparison and reflection can stimulate virtuous processes of professional growth, in a sector that is not regulated by specific training courses or qualifications enabling the profession of literary agent.

For this reason Eulama decided to band together with 36 other entities in the national territory to strenghten our voices in unison and make our concerns heard.

To a long and successful collaboration!


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