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Alek Popov at ELN in-person, in New York

Bulgarian author Alek Popov in rare appearance in New York European Literature Night (ELN), Monday, November 22, 2021

Returning to New York after a two-year break, the 2021 edition of ELN will take place from 6 PM to 11 PM at the Bohemian National Hall presenting an exciting selection of fiction, poetry, and short stories. Authors, translators, and actors representing ten EU countries will read from new releases and beloved classics and participate in a panel discussion.

Alek Popov will read from his most recent novel MISSION TURAN (Ciela, 2021), translated into English by Velina Minkoff. Alek Popov is undoubtedly the most prominent living Bulgarian author. The encounter/clash between East and West, European rich countries and the countries of the former Soviet bloc is one of the constant themes in his novels, always depicted with irony and acumen.

His first novel, the comic satire Mission London, based on his experiences as a Bulgarian cultural attaché in London, was translated into sixteen languages and made into a film in 2010, making it the most viewed contemporary Bulgarian film. The award-winning Black Box (Automática, 2020), his second novel, has been translated into six languages.

Kara and Yara in the Storm of History, his third novel, won the 2013 Helikon Award for Best Prose Book and was a finalist for the Elias Canetti Prize in 2014.


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