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Leonard Chang


St. Martin's



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Leonard Chang is the creator of Allen Choice, a Korean-American security expert turned private eye who has so far appeared in three novels, Over the Shoulder (2001), Underkill (2003) and Fade to Clear (2009), a USA Today Summer Reading Pick and a finalist for the Shamus Award. His first two novels, The Fruit 'N Food and Dispatches from the Cold, garnered much praise for their deft handling of racial tension, thwarted dreams and existentialist angst. For The Fruit 'N Food, he won the Black Heron ...


Hailed as "high-calibre," "riveting," and "fast-paced," Leonard Chang's series continues in this next exciting instalment, which finds Allen Choice, now a full partner at Baxter & Choice Investigations, distressed by the reappearance of his ex-lover Linda. As he reluctantly takes on the job of finding Linda's niece, who was abducted by her father in a bitter divorce battle, and starts to unearth links to drugs and money laundering, he becomes the target of larger, deadlier forces that strike a tragic personal blow.


"Chang has given the reader, in the character of Allen Choice, a fully-developed yet fallible hero [whose] complex adventures will absorb the reader and--one hopes--ensure yet another tale of this caliber in the future, and another, and another."  -Thomas Keneally, author of Schindler's List "It's a treat, with a protagonist who really grows on you. It's impossible not to root for Choice"  - Booklist "In Chang's third Allen Choice novel, the brooding, self-doubting Korean-American PI of Underkill (2003) and Over the Shoulder (2001) has found a new maturity that makes this outing the most satisfying yet. Now a full partner at B&C Investigations, Choice is contemplating moving out of his lonely San Francisco bachelor apartment and in with steady girlfriend Serena Yew, a Silicon...


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