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Alek Popov is the prize-winning author of widely translated collections of short stories. His first novel, Mission London, has been published into fifteen languages and adapted into a hugely successful film. His works have won numerous literary prizes, including the “Helicon” for the best prose work, Mission London, in 2002. His second novel, The Black Box, stood for weeks at the top of the bestseller lists and received the 2007 prestigious Elias Canetti-Prize. The awards that Alek Popov has won...





One morning a man happens upon a newspaper ad in which someone – now that the free market has found its way to Bulgaria – offers services as an executioner. The man is curious. After all, 50 USD aren’t that much for a once in a lifetime experience, even if it ends in death. Then there’s Viktorija, who not only loses her heart, but also her head. What starts as an online romance ends up in a box in the fridge. … By the way: what do you do in Bulgaria when the fridge is as empty as your stomach? No problem, as long as Grandpa is still around. … That’s what a large family is for, isn’t it? Don’t be surprised, a lot of things are different in Bulgaria, but not everything is bad. This is what these stories by Alex Popov are about, delightfully told and compiled in this book.  Where the fun ends for others, it just gets started for Alex Popov. He is a highly talented satirist, keen-witted and hilarious, a master of slapstick, always dancing on the edge. This is shameless humor: humor for the advanced. Bulgaria? 


"... wonderfully turbulent screwball comedies... "  -NZZ, Jörg Plath  "Did he go to Monty Python School? Did he study Kafka? Questions of this kind can be answered with yes. And yet it would be time to recognize him place in contemporary European literature without making comparisons that seek effects. Popov is Popov ."  -KURIER, Caro Wiesbauer  "Amusing, hair-raising - and with more than a grain of truth"   -DIE PRESSE  "This author is a satirist par excellence."   -NEUES DEUTSCHLAND, Dietmar Endler  "Subtle is different. Popov's narrative is garish, powerful and full of crazy twists and turns."   -FALTER, Sebastian Fasthuber


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