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Fantasy & Sci-Fi


Alessandro Vietti


Zona 42




Born just in time to witness the conquest of the Moon, Alessandro Vietti, an engineer, lives and works in Genoa in the energy sector, also engaging in scientific outreach and speculative fiction. He made his debut with the novel 'Cyberworld', (Nord, 1996), followed three years later by 'Il codice dell’invasore' (Nord, 1999)





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Today: What if science discovered that humanity could achieve anything as long as billions of people focused on the same intention simultaneously? It could heal – or kill – anyone, alter the course of history. And what implications would such a discovery have if artificial intelligences also developed the ability to harness the same power?

Tomorrow: The Fall of the Vault forces three young quyrs to leave the living forest, in search of a place to call home. Guided by the wisdom of Motherwise and protected by the bastet Njm, they will encounter terror and wonder, touch death and the stars, learn what it means to branch out, and they will hear from Earth the fantastic stories that have shaped their roots.

Tackling pressing issues of our present, from climate change to the impact of AI on our lives, 'Cosmopedia' serves as a reminder of the responsibilities we bear today in shaping the future for generations to come.

It guides us on an initiatory journey, both horrifying and hopeful, through a world we ought to learn to desire, for that world is us.


'Cosmopedia' is Alessandro Vietti's most recent and ambitious work to date.

As speculative fiction at its finest, it delves into what our future might hold thousands of years from now.


"A tratti faticoso, a tratti immaginifico, a tratti appassionante, a tratti quasi sembra voler essere una summa poetica della sf. Mi ha ricordato la saga di Cloud Atlas e le atmosfere di Sense8, ma un po’ anche l’approccio di Greg Egan, ingentilito da un taglio che deve molto a Kim Stanley Robinson. E poi c’è la vita vissuta che emerge e che fa capire che come la maggior parte dei viaggi sia un viaggio dentro noi stessi e nello specchio che noi cerchiamo quando tentiamo di descrivere qualcosa che è alieno, ma fino a un certo punto. Tutto si somiglia in fondo nell’universo."          (Miles Vorkosigan, Goodreads, 26.10.2023) "Un romanzo di fantascienza che è cronaca del presente, riflessione sul futuro, mito, filosofia, antropologia come ...



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