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Leveraging AI to Untangle the Surprising Link Between Ethics, Happiness and Business Success


Economy & Politics, Business & Management


Peter A. Gloor


Edward Elgar




Peter A. Gloor, Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Collective Intelligence, US, Honorary Professor, University of Cologne, Germany and Chief Creative Officer, Galaxyadvisors AG





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Based on 20 years of research, this book lays out a proven and tested method for reaching the goal of employee happiness, analyzing individuals’ communication patterns, and making them self-aware by mirroring their behaviour back to them in a privacy-respecting way. In doing so, Peter A. Gloor introduces artificial intelligence-based methods to identify personality, moral values, and ethics of individuals based on their body language and interaction with others.

In this book readers will:
• understand the basic concepts of groupflow – when teams collaborate at their best through intrinsic motivation and positive stress
• learn how to use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and social network analysis (SNA) to analyze communication by tracking emotions, social networks, morals, and tribes
• successfully use virtual mirroring to create entangled teams that work together in collaborative innovation networks (COINs) synchronized and in harmony for superior performance
• understand how to implement virtual mirroring using these technologies.

Groundbreaking and innovative, Happimetrics will be an invaluable resource for scholars and students in the fields of business analytics, information systems and organizational innovation. It will also be useful for HR professionals and AI developers who are looking to use predictive analytics to measure workforce performance.


1. Introduction to happimetrics: leveraging artificial intelligence to untangle the surprising link between ethics, happiness and business success PART I PRINCIPLES OF GROUPFLOW 2. What is groupflow? 3. The influence of morality on emotions 4. Building blocks of happiness 5. Virtual tribes 6. Beeflow, antflow and leechflow 7. Entanglement is more than collaboration 8. Creating entangled collaborative innovation networks 9. Virtual mirroring 10. Steps to entanglement PART II MEASURING GROUPFLOW 11. AI makes emotions measurable by aggregating the wisdom of the crowd 12. AI-based interaction analysis between humans (and other living creatures) 13. Measuring social network structure 14. Measuring emotions 15. Measuring moral values from facial expressions 16. Measuring moral values from email 17. Measuring influence through quoting novel words 18. Measuring entanglement 19. Measuring tribes 20. Building a social compass Epilogue: from collective intelligence to collective wisdom.


‘Gloor (MIT) draws on AI technology to research and analyze employee happiness and performance. He first clarifies fundamental concepts and the personal and social network structures within work environments. Essentially, he redefines aspects of organizational behavior and psychology and relates them to well-known business concepts like collaboration, and also to relatively unique ideas such as entanglement. The second half of the book moves into slightly more technical discussions of measurement, collection, analysis, data visualization, and the AI/KM tools that can be leveraged, but it never strays far from the fundamental and ultimate concept of personal and organizational well-being. Along the way, Gloor presents interesting, timely, and practical supporting materials and reinforces hi...



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