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The Bastard


Thriller & Noir


Francisco Narla






Francisco Narla (Spain, 1978) is a writer and airline captain. In spite of his youth, he has already established an extensive literary career, and dared to try out many different genres. He has published novels, stories, poetry, essays and practical books, the latter being closely linked to his profession, but also his interests. A man with many facets, Francisco Narla is also a public speaker. He has spoken in various forums such as universities and radio and television programs. In 2009 he pub...




Rights available:

German, Italian, Polish, Rumenian, Turkish



Laín, the bastard son of a noble man lost in the Crusades joins an expedition to rescue his father out of the deserts of Biblical Judea.The Templars control the black market of relics. It’s a very profitable business full of perils and their greed will spoil the expedition to the Judean desert of knights from the North of Spain that are trying to rescue his earl, father of a teen bastard that has joined the rescue mission to gain his parent’s love. Martín Códax is a troubadour, a rogue, a loose head; thief, singer, poet, smuggler, all in one and good for nothing, he’s been all his life looking for the great story, the most incredible account of the most incredible adventure, the inspiration for a composition that will make him rich and famous. And finally, after years of despair, he finds it: the bastard son of an earl has traveled to the most far east into the land of the great Gengis Kahn, pursuing the relics of the original, truthful and unique holly cross, the very woods where the messiah was sacrificed.Considering the artistic ideas behind the plot the novel rests on a very powerful idea: the profound desire of a bastard son for gaining the love a respect of his father To do so he’ll have to survive his own personal ordeal (told by the bard, a very powerful side character), nevertheless, the clear at the end of the way is empty, the main character, the son will find out that his achievement is meaningless, along the way he has lost the one who has been his authentic father and has abandoned the woman he loves. But the ending regains the optimism with a return to home and to the authentic being.Both main characters (Laín, the bastard, and Martín, the bard) evolve with the story, changing radically to understand the truths of their lifes


"Edhasa signs Narla for his prestigious catalog of the genre, credited historical novelist that has published popular success titles such as Assur (in which a young Galician embarks with the Vikings who have sacked the Iberian Peninsula) and Ronin (journey of samurai to the Spain of the XVII), both on Planeta" - El País "Laín, el bastardo starts in Galicia, births place of the main character and travels trough the Pyrenees, Venice and Palestine, to reach the distant lands of Mongolia" - EFE "The demand for the novel soared as foam and the expectation that has created in the market is on its way to turn the work into one of the best selling titles this year in Spain " - La Voz de Galicia "About the novel, chairman of the jury, Santiago Posteguillo, has pointed on the awards ceremony: «the q...



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