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MY BODY OR MY BUSINESS? (Mijn lijf of mijn bedrijf?)

A woman entrepreneur's struggle with Parkinson's disease

MY BODY OR MY BUSINESS? (Mijn lijf of mijn bedrijf?)

Psychology, Occupational and industrial psychology


Rita Maris & Karin Pinckaers


Aldo Manuzio




Rita Maris (1976) is a freelance journalist and copywriter. She is an expert in the field of ARFID; two of her children have been diagnosed with this. That made her decide to look for information about this as yet unknown eating disorder and resulted in the previously published books About living with ARFID and Thijs lusts for ice cream. She is also an ARFID ambassador at WEET, the Dutch patient association for eating disorders, and she brings this eating disorder to the attention of society t...





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Karin Pinckaers has a thriving business when she is diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of forty-three. This turns her life upside down and confronts her with tough choices. To what extent can she still give her powers to her work for the company? To what extent does she have to give in to the changes in her body and mind? 

Karin decides not to give up and tries to do as much as possible to slow down the progression of the disease. 

"My body or my company?" is an honest account of a search for balance, which is increasingly disrupted by Parkinson's. It is the story of a strong woman who courageously takes on Parkinson's disease. The described changes in body and mind, in relationships with people and with the company that built them, will offer recognition to many PwPs and their loved ones. 

The book also shows what is still possible with Parkinson's disease.

Karin Pinckaers would have liked to have written this book herself, but unfortunately she is no longer able to do so due to the stage of Parkinson’s disease she is now in. However, this did not stop her, because she decided to have her story written by Rita Maris, journalist, copywriter and author of the books About living with ARFID.


"Five questions to Rita Maris"  Kenniscentrum Kinder -en Jeugdpsychiatrie   "Karin develops Parkinson's at the age of forty-three", EO



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