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Luca Ragagnin (Turin, 1965) is an Italian writer, poet, and lyricist. His short stories and poems are being published on literary magazines since the early '80s and have been translated in France, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Romania and Montenegro. In 1995, a collection of his poems won the Montale Prize and was read by Vittorio Gassman in the television series “Cammin leggendo” after being published by Scheiwiller. He is the author of many successful plays written on his own and in collabor...





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Misery has always lived in Pontescuro, a small village in the lower flatlands of the Po river valley, where the fog always lingers. In the middle of the empty fields, there’s a dark bridge, built with stones and blood and of the fog itself. A castle rises on one of the two banks which this bridge unites, and a village lies on the other. 

It is by the bridge, among the fog and wet branches, that Daphne Casadio, the beautiful and scandalous daughter of the local landlord, is found dead with a red ribbon around her neck. 

Her death unleashes all the envy and nastiness among the poor village dwellers. 

Daphne, in fact, was the object of the desire of the same men who despised her libertine nature, and of the scorn of the Pontescuro women. For Daphne had known the power of seduction and had used it to take revenge against her father and those people who hated and desired her at the same time. 

The landlord makes effort to punish the culprit of this heinous crime… or a scapegoat at least: every finger points at the village fool, a countryside wanderer who would talk to birds, trees and rivers; maybe the only kind and innocent soul living in Pontescuro. Or, at least, this is what Daphne used to think, as she had found in him her only confidante. 

An unacceptable bond, one that had to be broken by whichever means...

Through the short tales whispered by the wind, the priest, the bird, the village idiot, the jealous priest’s housekeeper, the fog and the police detective, the story unfolds and truth eventually comes to the surface, unveiling the little horrors hidden in the depths of human hearts and their pettiness.


"Ragagnin's fog and our society's"– by Darwin Pastorin on Huffington Post "Fog has b missing for some time, especially here in Piedmont. Same as rain. And snow, on the plains, is almost…" “Pontescuro” – by Gabriele Ottaviani on Conventional "Pontescuro by Luca Ragagnin is the mature work of an author who has explored many expressive possibilities of the word (song, poem, story, novel, narrative essay) in over thirty published books, not counting the numerous musical collaborations..." "Pontescuro - The hidden truths in the life of a village" - by Angelo Di Liberto on La Repubblica "How many ways are there to describe a place? Perhaps it would be necessar...



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