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Thriller & Noir


Ivan Mourin






Ivan Mourin is a respected name in Spanish weird literature. His first novel Niños perdidos, a vampirism related story inspired byPeter Pan, was published in 2005. Sociedad Tepes followed in 2009. Resurrección, the first of the saga “Crónicas del Caído”, is his third novel. As script writer and director of the short film “Intrusos” he obtained Mosaic Award at the 3rd Cinephone International Smartphone Shortfilm Festival and the Audience Award at the Phonetastic. In 2015 he won the Enigmas Awar...





Rights available:

German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Turkish



Héctor Langarela is a journalist, he is with his wife in a park, and in just a few seconds, he loses sight of his son. It's too late. The child doesn't reappear. What does appear is a co-worker who is investigating the DeepWeb and there he locates something terrible: the little Álvaro, five years old, has become a victim of torturers who trade in snuff films. Héctor asks for his help to find out more and seek revenge.

At the same time, a subinspector who has been removed from his position due to a younger upstart, stumbles upon a girl during his routine patrol who has been suffering at the hands of these degenerates. Despite being taken off the case, he decides to continue. 

Both men will end up working together as they uncover a terrifying underworld.

A dedicated criminologist, Iván Mourin, sheds light on this disturbing world of snuff films without indulging in gore. The story follows multiple characters, including Subinspector Félix Bataraz and the hacker DarkBit, as they uncover the origin of these heinous acts.

A very tough novel but told with delicacy, avoiding sensationalism and details that could cause nightmares, and with the cleverness of using very short chapters that make the reading dynamic. Something horrifying, but well told so that you can understand what's happening down there without losing your courage to face the world. However, towards the end - once Héctor and Félix enter the lion's den and encounter the hook-handed man - it's enough to make your hair stand on end.

The question remains: Can Héctor achieve vengeance? 


Anika Lillo Zenda Libros 



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