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Annamaria Zizza






Annamaria Zizza resides and works in C. where she actively collaborates with the Egyptology and Archaeology magazine, "Mediterraneo Antico." She is the accomplished author of the historical novel, "The Scribe and the Pharaoh" (2021). Beyond her literary pursuits, Annamaria Zizza imparts her knowledge in various literary subjects at the high school level. Her contributions have earned her special mentions at both the "Salvatore Quasimodo" Literary Award and the "Efesto" Award for her poetic achie...





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Step into the enigmatic world of ancient Egypt as we delve into a mesmerizing narrative sparked by a mysterious letter. Penned by the beguiling queen Ankhesenamon, this epistle sets the stage for a tale replete with intrigue, forbidden love, and daring exploits.

Our journey begins in Thebes, the bustling capital of Egypt during the 14th century BC. Ankhesenamon, the youthful and beautiful widow of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, finds herself at a crossroads. Faced with the challenge of stabilizing the kingdom and securing an heir, she initiates a perilous plan known only to her and the scribe Menthuotep—an individual with a shadowy and painful Babylonian past.

In a daring move, Ankhesenamon dispatches Menthuotep to send a letter to the Hittite king, proposing a union between herself and one of his sons. This clandestine maneuver is concealed from the ambitious vizier Ay and the formidable general Horemheb, both vying for the Egyptian throne. The Hittites, initially suspicious, eventually succumb to the persuasive arguments of Menthuotep, sent as an ambassador by the audacious queen.

As the Hittites agree to the proposal, the narrative unfolds into a tapestry of political machinations and strategic alliances. Possessing the coveted knowledge of iron tempering unknown to other civilizations, the Hittites harbor ambitions to conquer Egypt. The Hittite king, wed to the Babylonian Malnigal—an enigmatic figure skilled in dark arts—decides to send Zannanza, one of their sons, as the prospective groom. Little do they anticipate the unexpected turn of events that will reshape history for all involved.

Amidst forbidden loves, personal tribulations, and adventurous twists, a previously undisclosed and enthralling narrative comes to life. This edition, featuring an insightful introduction by Dacia Maraini, unveils the layers of the story with an engaging and urgent prose, ensuring readers are captivated by the unexpected revelations that punctuate every twist and turn in this mesmerizing saga.


"A novel in which loves, struggles, and intrigues intertwine with stories of women and men who highlight universal and enduring values over time”    - Alfio Russo, UniCTMagazine, 26.03.2023 "The author paints the meticulous portrait of an independent and dreamy woman in a work where considerable attention is given to the psychological characterization of the characters, primarily focused on female figures.”    - Sefania Serpetta, RadioIncontroTerni 07.06.2023 “The narration is perfect, precise, captivating, and the description of the characters, places, customs, scents, foods, and drinks catapulted me back in time. It made me a present spectator, contemplating the same landscapes, lingering on the beauty of the colors of flora and fauna, hearing t...



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