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A journey to the heart of Iran: a mirror reflecting the history of a world




Ehsan Norouzi


Nashre Cheshmeh




Ehsan Norouzi, born in 1979, is a well-known essayist and translator. He is one of the most important translators of detective stories and of “The Beat Generation” works into Persian. He is a real wanderer. Before TRAINSPOTTER, he traveled to Europe following the journey of Hajj Sayyah - the first famous Iranian-American world traveler and human rights activist- and wrote an impressive book about him and his long journey. TRAINSPOTTER is his latest book and an unofficial history of Iranian ra...




Rights available:

Danish, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish



TRAINSPOTTER is an experience about Iranian railways: Ehsan Norouzi travels by train across Iranian railways over a period of time, does not even fail to visit abandoned or half-destroyed stations, and talks with switchmen, train drivers, train hostesses, and many other people who are somehow related to railways. It is an account of the discovery of the tracks which were meant to link different corners of Iran according to the international developments and political tendencies in different eras.

In TRAINSPOTTER, Norouzi finds people who actually narrate the history of Iran in the light of construction, completion, and even destruction of these railroads.


Reprinted three times over a year, although belonging to a rather new genre in Iran, TRAINSPOTTER has become a popular and successful  book, perhaps because it is an engaging reading to a constant discovery of the secrets of Iranian history through one of its most modern symbols: the national railway. It may be surprising how the contemporary history of one of the most important countries of the Middle East is so entangled with its railways and Norouzi takes the reader along with him on a long journey where nothing can be predicted. Especially interesting for English, Russian, and German readers, who can discover from a new perspective parts of their own history in Iran and the Middle East.  TRAINSPOTTER sheds light on the fact that Iranian railroad was one of the most important ...



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