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Leonard Chang






Leonard Chang is the creator of Allen Choice, a Korean-American security expert turned private eye who has so far appeared in three novels, Over the Shoulder (2001), Underkill (2003) and Fade to Clear (2009), a USA Today Summer Reading Pick and a finalist for the Shamus Award. His first two novels, The Fruit 'N Food and Dispatches from the Cold, garnered much praise for their deft handling of racial tension, thwarted dreams and existentialist angst. For The Fruit 'N Food, he won the Black Heron ...




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Edgy and as engrossing as Leonard Chang’s acclaimed debut crime novel Over the Shoulder, Underkill finds Korean American investigator Allen Choice on a case that becomes as much a personal journey as an exploration of murder and its harrowing consequences. Two years have passed since Allen examined his late partner's death in San Francisco, which eventually exposed secrets about the death of Allen's immigrant father twenty years earlier, with the help of journalist and girlfriend Linda Maldonado. Now Allen follows Linda down to Los Angeles—and into the unfamiliar world of illegal raves and small-time drug dealers—to uncover the details of her brother's unexpected and suspicious death, hoping to repair their deteriorating relationship and aiding her as she once helped him. Underkill is a dark and riveting look at the mysteries of families and relationships, and delves deeply into Allen’s complicated interior life. With Allen Choice in this new series, Chang is skillfully creating an unforgettable and unique character in the world of noir.


"The only bad thing about the this entry in the Allen Choice series is its lame title. Past that, it's a treat, with a protagonist who really grows on you. It's impossible not to root for Choice, a Korean American security specialist now dipping his toes into PI work, as he leaves San Francisco to help his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend find her younger brother's killer. Raised by a bitter aunt after his parents died, Choice is adrift when it comes to figuring out family and love relationships. His secretive girlfriend, Linda, doesn't make things easier when she refuses to discuss their future while sucking him into an increasingly dangerous investigation. Even after he's almost killed trying to help Linda, her family--led by a manipulative mother and a raving bitch of a stepsister--alternately ...



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