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SINCE 1962

into the Wide World

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Elias Canetti; BF Skinner; Umberto Eco



As one of the oldest literary agencies in Europe, Eulama has been a pioneer in representing authors and bringing genre redefining titles to market.

We are proud to be keeping this spirit alive after more than 50 years and to help authors, publishers and editors with a team that can handle the business and the creative side of the publishing business.




Ratzinger; Karl Barth; Alberto Moravia; Wittgenstein

Founded in 1962, Eulama is one of the most storied  literary agencies in the world, representing some iconic books of the 20th Century.

So far we have had the privilege to represent and assist authors such as Leonardo Benevolo, Norberto Bobbio, Jane Bowles, Elias Canetti, Robert Dahl, Umberto Eco, Paul Feyerabend, Vilém Flusser, Dario Fo, László Földenyi,  Nelson Goodman, Romano Guardini, Agnes Heller, Anna Kavan, Jacques Le Goff, Karl Löwith, Alberto Moravia, Bruno Munari and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Nevertheless we feel like we are still just getting warmed-up.

To this day we combine a mission to carry this legacy into the future with a passion for managing a writer's career with an integrated understanding of how storytelling works.

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From the manuscript writer

to the internationally

published superstar

we provide full stop shop

services to make 

you focus on the creative side

while we deal with the suits


Global rights



Negotiation & Licensing of 

literary and media rights

for authors and publishers


Operational & payment 

supervision and management


Editing &

writing school


Masterclass series to

perfect the art of narration

structuring and editing

Consulting services

to writers and editors





Eulama’s mission is to form true partnerships with clients and build long-term relationships that extend through the length of the books' life/the author’s career.


As a leading international literary agency, we believe that knowledge about the world should be shared with readers around the world. In service of that mission, we represent a broad range of books that entertain and instruct. Books for the young and the adults, literature as well as the sciences, history, philosophy, and other areas of non-fiction.


Our goal is to maximize the value of our clients’ work in familiarizing  broader and global readerships with the finest voices from the European region and the other way around, bridging cultures and stimulating interest in the accomplishments of the human mind in their diversity.

Anna Kavan; Shusaku Endo; Ismail Kadare; Alek Popov
Eulama Background copy.png




Pina von Prellwitz

Pina von Prellwitz

Head of Business

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Known for having a way with words, Pina has been leading Eulama with firmness and
enthusiasm for over 20 years. Her deep awareness of the publishing marketplace and her
reliability are doubtless the reasons for Eulama's success and for the unconditional respect of
her coworkers. Her reasoning, problem-solving, precise attitude make her a crucial point of
reference for the balance of our team and its coordination.

Norbert von Prellwitz

Norbert von Prellwitz

Editor in chief

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Professor Norbert von Prellwitz is the former head of

the Humanistic Department and
Professor of Spanish Literature at "La Sapienza" University in Rome.


His in-depth analysis of
texts and ideas and his sensitivity to language and to historical, cultural and intellectual
contexts make for an invaluable aid in reviewing a title - and selecting the right audience for
it, helping a good proposal evolve into a great one.

Alex von Prellwitz

Alex von Prellwitz

Head of fiction

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Alex has been a literary agent at Eulama for over 15 years.
Dealing calmly and effectively with high stress situations is his key strength, as well as being
careful about detail when reviewing and editing incoming manuscripts.


His in-depth
knowledge of trade publishing and his deep analytical ability are indispensable help when
promoting literary works across the language barriers.
He teaches Creative Writing at Eulama Litlab.

You can get in touch with him if you are an author or publisher looking for representation

Anja Widmann

Anja Widmann

Head of Litlab

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Anja has been a literary agent and editor with Eulama for over 10 years working in close
contact with the local publishing industry. A regular at the Frankfurter Buchmesse since 2012,
she considers meeting people from all over the world and getting to know their different
publishing perspectives the most pleasant part of her job.
Teacher of the annual editing course Editing101, as well as a contributor to literary webzines,
Anja is always on the look-out for new literary trends. She is judge for the Page Turner
Awards 2021.
You can get in touch with her if you are an author or publisher looking for representation

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